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After Sales Service

After Sales Service

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1) machine installation and commissioning process, our staff must according to your requirements to installated the machine to your designated location and the machine must meet all the technical parameters of the company; 
2) Our staff is not permited to get any installation and commissioning fees during the installation and testing process; 
3) Our staff must obtain your personally signed only after installation and testing of the machine meet your requirements and standards ; 
4) You have the power to rejiect singaniture,If the installation not arrived your require or you don't satisfied with the installation;
5)If the machine have any problem, our staff should repair it in two days! (except especial circumstances), If your machine needs urgency mended, our staff must try his best arrive at your address in five hours.In the period of the warranty are not allowed to charge you any fees, warranty duration our staff only have the power to charge the materials costs and the transport travel fees. Without this, they don't have any power to charge any additional fees; 
6)If you purchase our Machine , we have the duty to upgrade your machine. During the warranty period this is free, warranty duration they can only charge the cost of materials and the transport fees, else is prohibit; 
7) In order to better protect your interests, at the same time to better monitor the words and deeds of our staff, we will assign special person to conduct investigations from time to time! 
8) Thank you for your cooperation!

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