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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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In order to adapt to the needs of market competition in the 21st century, in order to give full play to the role of talent resources in the market competition, talents are fully developed in Jinke, so that they can develop themselves while creating wealth for enterprises. Jinke Company pursues the talent strategy of “effectively cultivating + rational use + appropriate mobilization”, striving to make all talents play the biggest role in the field that they are best at. At the same time, the company gives talents according to the needs of talent development and the needs of the company's development. Sexual training.
"Effective training + rational use + appropriate transfer" talent strategy
Talent, what is talent? It is the talent that is useful to society, to business, to family, to friends, to yourself.
How can it be useful to society, to business, to family, to friends, to yourself? The ancients said: "People, come - empty hands; go - empty hands", yes, people are not born to be useful to society, to business, to family, to friends, to themselves. People, they are useful because they have passed the training of the day after tomorrow; such training includes “self-training” and “external training”. Self-training means that people continue to improve their abilities through their continuous learning, in order to achieve the purpose of being useful to society, to business, to family, to friends, and to themselves. External training mainly means that people are engaged in a variety of occupations (such as teachers, military personnel, corporate employees, etc.) to obtain a variety of non-self-paid training, thereby improving the individual's ability to reach the society, Business, family, friends, and useful purposes. In order to make full use of the value of human resources, Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. has better developed the enterprise and employees themselves, and vigorously promoted the dual training mode of “independent training” + “enterprise training” in order to realize the maximum value of employees.
"It is talent. If it is not reused, it will still be useless to society, to business, to family, to friends, to itself." Yes, there are no useless talents in the world, only those who have been misplaced. Talents can only be put into the right position, let him/her do the right thing and do things correctly, in order to play their greatest role, to create maximum value for society, for business, for family, for friends, for themselves, Realize your own life value. Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. implements the principle of “everyone is talent, horse racing + Xiangma”, and makes reasonable use of the discovered talents; implements self-recommendation for undiscovered talents, and employs the appraisal method. Over the years, we have cultivated a batch of useful talents for the society, the enterprise, and the peers. At present, Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. has become the first choice for many college graduates and college graduates and the majority of the society.
Talents can be divided into three types: all-rounders, generalists, and professionals. The first type is all-rounder. It means being very proficient in any profession and any skill. No matter where he is placed, he can exert his maximum value. For society, business, family, friends, Useful for yourself. This kind of talent is what all companies want and need, and at the same time, they are never buried. However, such talents are rare in the world and basically do not exist. Therefore, our enterprises and individual employees can only retreat to the next level. The second type is a generalist. It refers to a person who is very proficient in some professions and some skills, but also familiar with other professions and other skills but not proficient. The company puts him in his proficient position and he will exert the greatest value. Putting him in other positions, he can't play the biggest role, but he can make do. For this kind of talent, it is the most ideal talent for all enterprises to go out and be the most talented person. In the current reality, there are only such talents, but there are not many. Therefore, in reality, most of the talents and individuals that our enterprises receive are professionals. The third type is a specialist, which is very proficient in the profession and existing skills, but the hero is useless to leave the profession and existing skills. This kind of talent is usually one of the objects of corporate exclusion, usually This kind of talent is also misplaced. In real life, the fate of such talents is basically in the hands of their superiors. Therefore, having a meritorious enterprise rules and regulations is the lifeline of such talents. Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. effectively protects such talents through the management system of “observation of working staff + individual self-application”.
Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes all kinds of talents to join! We will do our utmost to build a stage for you to play talents. "The sea is wide and the sky is high, and the sky is high." It is a talent. You can come to Hangzhou Jinke!

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