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Employing people

Employing people

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Everyone is a talent, horse racing + Xiangma - Jinke's talent concept
1. "Everyone is a talent, horse racing + Xiangma" - how much you can turn over and build a stage for you
What is lacking now is not the talent, but the mechanism of talent. The responsibility of the manager is to create an innovative space for each employee by setting up a “racetrack”, so that each employee becomes a self-operated SBU.
In particular, the horse racing mechanism consists of three principles: first, fair competition, meritocracy; second, the right job, the best, and the third is the rational flow and dynamic management. In the employment system, a set of excellent employees, qualified employees, and trial employees are implemented with the mechanism of “three workers coexisting and dynamically changing”. In the cadre system, Jinke assesses the middle-level cadres, and each cadre's position is not fixed, and the rotation is expired. The essence of Jinke's human resources development and management is to give full play to the potential of each person, so that everyone can feel the competitive pressure from the inside and the market every day, and can transform the pressure into the driving force of competition. This is the sustainable development of the company. The secret. If everyone can use their heart to create, invent, do their own work, and take their work one step further, we can overcome it no matter what the difficulties!
Everyone wants to be respected by others and wants his own value to be recognized. As long as the employee creates value for the customer, you are sure of its value. As long as the employee creates value for the business, you are sure to him and reuse him. This is the core of management.
2. Combination of authorization and supervision - full authorization must be combined with adequate supervision
Jinke Company has formulated three regulations: the incumbent should be controlled, the promotion should be based on competition, and the rotation must be rotated.
There are two meanings of "in order to be controlled": First, the cadres must be self-control, self-discipline, and self-disciplined. Second, the company must establish a control system, control the direction of work, work objectives, and avoid directional errors; Then control finance and avoid violations.
“Upgrading to competition” means that the relevant functional departments should establish a clearer competition system so that excellent talents can follow this system, so that everyone feels both pressured and able to display their talents so as not to bury them. .
"Expiration should be rotated" means that the main cadres should have a term in a department's time, and after the expiration of the rotation department. This is to prevent cadres from working in a department for a long time, the idea is rigid, lack of creativity and vitality, and there is no new situation in the department work. The rotation system can also increase the exercise opportunities for young cadres, become a generalist, and cultivate more human resources for the future development of the enterprise.
3. Talent, talent, people
Zhang Ruimin, president of Haier Group, analyzed the talents of enterprises. He pointed out that the talents in the enterprise can be divided into the following three categories from low to high.
Talents - these people want to do, but also have some basic qualities, but they need to be carved, enterprises must have input, and they also have the desire to become talented.
Talent - these people can quickly get involved in the work and get started right away.
Human resources - these people can bring huge wealth to the enterprise through their efforts.
For Jinke, the easy-to-use person is the “talent”. The person who can create benefits for the company is “talent”. The person who can create a perfect image for the company is “talent”.
The prototype of "talent" should be "human resources." This is the “talent” blank, which is “raw material” and requires companies to spend time carving. But in today's fierce market competition called "life and death", we don't have this time.
The development of "talent" is "people's wealth." “Talent” is easy to use, but a good person does not mean that it can bring wealth to the enterprise; as a minimum quality, “talent” recognizes corporate culture, but with corporate culture, it is not always possible to create value for the enterprise. . It is not enough to have a corporate culture, but also to create wealth for the company, but also to establish a perfect image for the company, such a person can become "people."
Whether it is a carved, usable "human body", or a ready-to-use, easy-to-use "talent" is not our ultimate goal; we are looking for "human wealth" that can create wealth and value for the enterprise!
Only "people's wealth" is the top talent! When you come, you can create wealth and create value for your company! If our enterprises want to thrive, they must fully discover and use "people's wealth."
4. Today is a talent, tomorrow may not be a talent
The definition of talents depends on the value of creating value for the society. Every Jinke person should and can become a talent and create greater value for the society. Talent is a dynamic concept. Now the market is very competitive. Today is a talent. Tomorrow is not necessarily a talent. Jinke people should constantly surpass themselves and constantly improve their own quality.
How to constantly improve their own quality and become an eternal talent? Be sure to have your own ideals and your own goals! If there is no firm goal, it will be shaken and shaken in the process of improving one's own quality and self-challenge. Every Jinke has its own dreams, and this dream must be combined with the big goal of Jinke to create world famous brands.

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