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Pre-sale Service

Pre-sale Service

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Respected customers : 
To better meet your needs, in accordance with relevant provisions of our company,during pre-sale、sale and after-sales the staff of our company must according to your needs provide the following services :
If our staff has violated the following provisions, bringing unnecessary troubles to you, you can promptly telephoned the company's customer service hotline : 0571-63668381 (Mr.Miao)/0571-63668380 (Mr.Guo) . 
The relevant employees will be punished in accordance with company rules and regulations , while a satisfactory reply as soon as possible to you! 
Pre-sale services 
1) Providing free courtesy about our company's products;
2)When introuducing our products to you, our staff must in the patient and polite ways, no anger and uncivil language are permited;
3) When introuducing our products to you no cheating is permited;
4)If you do not understand the development trend of the industry,Our staff must according to the actual situation in objective and fair ways to introduce it;
5) When you ask the information about our products,our staff must answer your qusetion in the most patient、courteous and honestly ways! If you ask by telephone, Our staff first say "goodbye"to you is forbided; 
6) Our staff must according to the actual situation recommend the most suitable machine to you, In order to get personal interests and recommend expensive、needless products to you is not permited;

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