Our company is a professional CNC engraving and milling machine and machining center manufacturer integrating scientific research, development, production and sales.

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Welcome to the official website of Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the official website of Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd.

2019-08-26 18:23
Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales company, covering an area of ​​more than 30 acres. It is a professional manufacturer of CNC CNC engraving and milling machine in West Zhejiang. Since its inception, the company has focused on the advanced European technology in the world's CNC industry, and through a technical cooperation with professional manufacturers such as Japan, France, Spain and Taiwan, relying on a group of high-level, experienced and responsible research and development. The team has made breakthroughs in the design and production of precision CNC engraving and milling machines, machining, mold making and engraving technology, and CAD/CAE/CAM. The products produced by the company are designed, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with relevant international, national and enterprise standards, and pay close attention to assembly technology. For several years, the quality of products has been stable and the performance has been surpassed. With excellent cost performance and perfect after-sales service, the market share has been continuously expanded. Successfully realized the process of transforming from CNC technology to industrialization.
       As one of the outstanding representatives of the CNC engraving and milling machine industry, Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. has always been vigorously developing, united and cooperating, and determined to make progress. With its strong technical strength and strict scientific management, Hangzhou Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously developed and expanded, and constantly promotes innovation. It has won many honorary titles such as “Zhejiang Quality Trustworthy Products” and “China's CNC Engraving and Milling Machine Quality Recognized Top Ten Famous Brands”, which makes “Jinke Technology” a long-term technical advantage. At present, the company has become a large CNC engraving and milling machine manufacturer with Jinke (JKM) series and dozens of models, advanced manufacturing technology, large-scale production, high-quality product quality, professional user training and timely after-sales service. , firmly established the company's position in the industry. The products produced by the company have been exported to all parts of the country and are widely used in machinery, research institutes, colleges, chemicals, advertising, wood processing, stone processing, automotive industry, injection molds, metal molds, engraving molds and other industries. The after-sales service system established by the company to return, exchange and effectively repair the problems of the customer's machine tools according to the customer's situation has minimized the customer's loss and won the good reputation of the customers.


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