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China's CNC machine tool information development trend

China's CNC machine tool information development trend

2019-08-27 16:02
CNC technology is the core of advanced manufacturing technology, and it is the basis for automation, networking, flexibility and integration in manufacturing. The overall level of CNC equipment marks the strength of a country's industrial modernization and comprehensive national strength.
The development of CNC machine tools depends to a large extent on the performance and level of CNC systems, and the development of CNC systems and their technical basis are inseparable from microelectronics and computer technology. With the rapid development of computers and their software and hardware technologies, the hardware platforms of CNC systems tend to be consistent, and the competition for control system software is increasing. China's CNC system has been introduced during the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" period, the development of CNC system during the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" period, the research on numerical control application technology during the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period, and the development and application of the main CNC system software during the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period have gradually formed The CNC system industry is mainly based on Aerospace CNC, Blue Sky CNC, Huazhong CNC and Zhonghua CNC.
Sustained and stable development
In recent years, the output of CNC machine tools in China has continued to increase, and the numerical control rate has also increased significantly. On the other hand, the technical level and quality of CNC products in China are also constantly improving. At present, the production of some popular CNC machine tools in China has formed a certain scale, the product technical performance indicators are relatively mature, the price is reasonable, and it has certain competitiveness in the international market. The five-axis linkage CNC technology mastered by China's CNC machine tool industry is relatively mature, and mature products have entered the market.
China has made certain breakthroughs in the production of high-end products of CNC machine tools. At present, China can supply networked, integrated and flexible CNC machine tools. At the same time, China has also entered the ranks of the world's high-speed CNC machine tool producing countries and high-precision precision CNC machine tools. At present, China has successfully developed a number of CNC machine tools with spindle speeds above 8000~10000 rev/min.
In recent years, China's CNC machine tool industry has vigorously promoted the application of CAD and other information technologies. Many enterprises have begun and plan to implement ERP, MRPII and e-commerce. For example, Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has a CAD penetration rate of 100%. It is a national “CAD demonstration enterprise”. The application of the enterprise's MRPII system is also very successful, and the modern management level is relatively high.
There are three shortcomings
However, compared with developed countries, China's CNC machine tool industry still has many shortcomings in the application of information technology.
First, the information technology foundation is weak, and the dependence on foreign technology is high. China's CNC machine tool industry has a weak technical development capability and technical foundation, and the application of information technology is not high. The existing sources of information technology in the industry mainly rely on the introduction of foreign technology, and the dependence on foreign technology is relatively high. The digestion of imported technology still remains in mastering the existing technology and increasing the localization rate, and has not risen to the ability to form independent development of products. And the height of technological innovation. High-performance CNC machine tools with high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage basically rely on imports.
Second, the product maturity is low and the reliability is not high. The average time-to-failure time of foreign CNC systems is more than 10,000 hours. The CNC system developed independently in China is only 3000-5000 hours; the average trouble-free working time of the whole machine is more than 800 hours abroad, and the best in China is only 300 hours.
Third, the ability to innovate is low and the market competitiveness is not strong. Although there are more than 100 enterprises producing CNC machine tools in China, most of them fail to form scale production, the use of information technology is insufficient, the innovation ability is low, the manufacturing cost is high, and the product market competitiveness is not strong.
Current development direction
With the rapid development of flexible manufacturing systems and the continuous maturity of computer integrated systems, higher requirements have been placed on CNC machining technology. The informationization of CNC machine tools is developing in the following aspects.
-- High speed and high precision. Speed ​​and accuracy are two important indicators of CNC machine tools, which are directly related to machining efficiency and product quality. At present, the sixth-generation CNC machine tools produced in China use processors with higher digits and higher frequencies to improve the basic operation speed of the system, making high-speed computing, modular and multi-axis group control systems possible. At the same time, a new generation of CNC machine tools will use ultra-large-scale integrated circuits and multi-microprocessor structures to improve the system's data processing capabilities.
--Intelligent. The intelligent development of modern CNC machine tools will quickly make intelligent decisions to achieve the best goals by detecting, modeling, extracting features, automatically sensing the internal state of the machining system and the external environment of physical quantities that affect machining accuracy and efficiency. The process parameters are controlled in real time to optimize the machining process of the machine.
-- CNC programming automation based on CAD and CAM. With the development of computer application technology, CAD/CAM graphic interactive automatic programming has been widely used, which is a new trend in the development of numerical control technology. It is a part processing drawing drawn by CAD, and is calculated and post-processed by the tool path data in the computer, thereby automatically generating a machining program of the CNC machine parts to realize the integration of CAD and CAM. With the development of CIMS technology, there is now a fully automatic programming method of CAD/CAPP/CAM integration. The processing parameters required for programming do not have to be manually participated, directly obtained from the CAPP database in the system, and promote the automation of CNC machine tools. Further development.
-- Maximize development reliability. The reliability of CNC machine tools has always been the main indicator of users' most concern. A new generation of CNC systems will use higher-integration circuit chips, using large-scale or ultra-large-scale dedicated and hybrid integrated circuits to reduce the number of components and thus improve reliability. At the same time, it can diagnose and alarm the hardware, software and various external devices in the system through various diagnostic programs such as automatic operation diagnosis, online diagnosis and offline diagnosis.


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