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Machine tool accessories and consumables

Machine tool accessories and consumables

2019-08-27 16:01
Appreciator: Workpiece clamping, used for metal mold and plastic mold processing;
Set pressure plate: workpiece loading, plastic hardware mold;
Cutting oil: workpiece cooling, Mobil cutting oil is better;
Grinding wheel: 100# for rough grinding and 600# grinding wheel for fine grinding;
Air compressor: clean the workpiece, you can use 5P air compressor;
Flat shovel: special for brand shoes:
Lubricating oil: Lubrication of the guide screw, Mobil lubricant is better;
Microscope: used to measure tools;
Grinding machine: You can use the sharpening machine made in Kunming;
Computer: For programming, it is recommended to use a currently assembled computer with better configuration;
Computer: used to control transmission, it is recommended to use the original computer or to prepare a lower assembly computer, requiring the communication of the computer to be stable;
Auxiliary workbench: used to protect the workbench reference surface, can be used A3 or 45# steel, special for shoe shoes;
Carving knife: Swiss PSL is better;
502 glue: Beijing II is better, the workpiece is used for the brand shoe mold.


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